Are you ready to make stacks of money doing an exciting job? This guide is the first step to become a successful webcam model. Everything else to help you maximize your earnings can be found here.

Quick start guide

The only requirements to become a webcam model are that you are 18 years or older (a digital copy of your photo I.D. is required to verify your age) and that you have broadcasting equipment. (Computer, webcam and broadband internet).

The biggest decision that will affect how much money you make is which cam site you sign up with. (It’s free!) To make really good money, you need to join a site with lots of members that are good spenders. Your cut of how much you earn is another consideration. Cam networks take a cut of model’s earnings to cover their expenses for providing the broadcasting platform and visitors to your cam room.

Just as important, the cam site should give their models equal opportunity to appear on their front page and to be found when they are online but not on the homepage. If you are worried about your privacy… Chaturbate makes it easy for you to block viewers in specific countries and regions.
become a webcam modelTaking all of the above into account, we recommend joining Chaturbate. Join Chaturbate here. Models love Chaturbate. A model’s standard cut can be near 60% of what members spend. When you use your affiliate link, to promote your own cam room, you can earn 80% of what members spend. You can find the link by clicking on “Affiliates” at the bottom of your profile page.

On average webcam models earn $500/week. Some earn only a couple hundred a month, whilst other models earn $1000+/week. I have seen models make over $1000 in a day. (Not everyday, but it does happen…) 2017 XBIZ Live Cam Model of the Year Winner,
“Devious Angel” is making $12000 a month!

The more experience and regulars you get, the more you’ll earn. Looks don’t count all that much in the camming industry. Your personality and how you interact with members do! Otherwise people would just go watch a video on some porn site.

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Of course you need a way to get paid. Most cam networks will request a payment method during the signup process in order to pay you. The most widely accepted and convenient way is Payoneer. After signing up with Payoneer, they will send you a Prepaid MasterCard (Free shipping).

Using Payoneer, you will get the lowest overall fees for receiving and spending your money. You can use the Prepaid MasterCard to withdraw money at ATMs anywhere in the world. The card can also be used for purchases in stores or for shopping online. As a bonus, signup to Payoneer here and you will receive a $25 reward loaded to your card when you have earned a total of $100 or more. How cool is that? For more information on Payoneer click here.

All signed up? Right on! You can now start camming and make serious money! This will show you the next steps on how to increase your earnings to become a top paid webcam model.

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