Always upgrade to the best equipment you can afford. High quality equipment will make your performances better and will result in you making more money. Ka-ching!


Camming doesn’t require a powerful computer. Any modern desktop computer or laptop will do. If you have to choose one, a laptop is the best choice, as it is the most versatile. You can use a laptop to cam from different rooms or whilst you’re travelling.┬áIn case you have to buy one, get one with at least a 2.4GHz CPU and 4GB RAM.

If you want to record your shows to clips so you can also sell them later, look for a computer with a 120GB hard drive or bigger. You can also use a Mac but may experience software compatibility issues in which case you will need to utilize Boot Camp to install Windows onto your Mac.


Although many laptops have a built-in webcam and microphone, it is best to upgrade to an external HD webcam as soon as possible. The most popular webcam to use is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. It supports up-to 1080HD streaming, has an internal microphone, a lengthy cord and solid build quality.

It will give your camshows better video and audio quality than built-in solution. An external webcam also has the advantage of being moved around easily for better points of view. Something your viewers will appreciate with their wallets.


The higher the resolution you want to stream in, the faster your internet connection needs to be. As a minimum, you will need a line with at least a 1MBps (megabyte per second) upload speed. The upload speed is more important than the download speed.

You can test your line’s speed at You will notice that the speed test is done in megabits per second, there is 8 megabits in a megabyte. Divide your speed test results with 8 to find out what your line speed is in megabytes.

If you are using a low speed line, check with your internet service provider if it’s possible to upgrade the upload speed of your line. Whenever possible connect to your internet directly. WiFi will work but a direct cable connection is more reliable for smooth streaming.


Always make sure the location you cam from have good lighting, check your cam on screen to see how you look. Sometimes your room will have adequate natural light and you’ll be set to go.

When you need better light, the best way to achieve it is to use a 3 point lighting setup. To do this, place lights to your left, to your right and in front of you from behind your webcam. Remember not to place a light behind you as it will create a glare into your webcam.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

Although not required, a wireless keyboard and mouse will enable you to move freely and keep your show going without restricting you close to your computer. This will make your shows more enjoyable to viewers and you will earn more.